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ultimatexbeauty's Journal

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The Ultimate Inner beauty rating community
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All Members , Moderated
Fun personality rating and activity community, active 7 days a week! Fun contests!

Welcome to ultimatexbeauty! We are a very active inner beauty community. We judge our applicants not on their looks, lifestyles, religious or political beliefs but rather on their intelligence, ability to carry on a conversation, effort and basic personality. As long as you're not rude, annoying or stupid you should be well accepted and happy here. We are a rating community although the rating is not the focus of our community. We simply rate new applicants to make sure our community is only filled with nice and intelligent people. Our community has daily and weekly activities where you can earn points, banners, friends and skills. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Not sure if you want to join? Don't take my word for it, check our member testimonials and see what our members think of this community!

Application 1 "For those who are just bunches of fun."

Application 2 "For those who work hard to accomplish great things"

Application 3 "For those of you who think a lot and are good at expressing yourself"

Application 4 "For those of you who are creative"


We have tons of great prizes you can buy with all your points in our Community Store, including graphics, community features & even cash valued prizes!! Go check it out!!

Every member is encouraged to post a "contact & awards" page for other members to get to know them/contact them through & to post their awards. You will recieve +200 points for initially posting this page & other point amounts at later dates for keeping it up to date. For more information on this new feature check it out here!


cheredemoiselle and agirl_gonemad

Our community is different from many rating communities in that it has different member levels to cut inactive members quickly and reward members for being active. On the first of each new month I go through each member page and bump members who are inactive down a level & members who wish to pay to move up, up a level. If you are a new member you will move up automatically by the first of the month if you have gained the required points. All other member levels must inform me they want to move up & they must've been at their current member level for at least 1 month prior to moving up. Here you will find links to our various member pages and descriptions of what each member type means.

Click here to visit the new members page

When you are first stamped you are considered a new member. New members are required to gain & pay 25 points by the first of the following month to move up to silver member. If they fail to do this they will be cut from the community. If you were stamped after the 22nd of the month you will have until the following month to gain your required points, otherwise you will have to re-apply. New members have a 100x100 member picture and cannot recieve awards.

Click here to visit the silver members page

The majority of our members are silver members. Silver members have a 100x100 member picture and can recieve small awards which will be displayed by their info on the member page. To remain a silver member you must earn some points during the course of the month which while gain you a flashing "active" banner by your info. If you do not have this banner at the first of the month you will be bumped down to new member and you will lose any awards/points you had. If you wish to move up to gold member all you need to do is pay 500 points, leave me a comment on the silver member's page telling me you want to move up and provide me with a 250x300 photo of yourself and a html colorcode of your choice for your photo's border and text. If you want examples of what these photos will look like before choosing your color look at the gold or permanent member pages.

Click here to visit the gold members page

Gold members have a 250x300 customized member photo and the ability to gain large awards that will be displayed on the member page with their info. When voting on any activity or application their vote counts as 2, so if you are a gold member make sure to write "x2" in the subject with your vote to make sure it gets counted double. To remain a gold member you must earn some points during the course of the month which while gain you a flashing "active" banner by your info. If you do not have this banner at the first of the month you will be bumped down to silver member and you will go back to having a 100x100 photo and all your awards will be shrunk accordingly. If you wish to move up to permanent member you must leave me a comment on the gold member page telling me you want to move up and pay 500 points.

Click here to visit the permanent members page

Permanent members are the top level. They keep the same awards & photo as gold member's do but their votes count x3. They are also able to be inactive for 3 months before they will be bumped down to gold member status. At the end of the three months however, if they do not have a flashing "active" banner they will be bumped down to gold member status. As permanent member you are immune to any member challenges.

lmaharidge: For deleting her application, not following the rules & be all around rude.
jellho: For commenting on other entries w/o entering an application & being rude to members.
takethemback: For being extremely close-minded, rude to members, asking non-members to comment on her application & withdrawing her application because not everyone agreed with her opinions.
beyondjupiter: For commenting on other entries w/o entering an application & being rude to members.
light27: For deleting her application.
__gobacktostart: For deleting her application.
bang_b_a_n_g: For deleting her application.
illgetmerope: For leaving without notice.
hopeis_swift: For leaving without notice.
h0mewreckah: For leaving without notice.
siamsiam: For leaving without notice.
princesslizard: For deleting her application.
sakyh: For deleting her application.
desolate_soul13: For leaving without notice.
sp0ngey: For leaving without notice.
crashclash: For leaving without notice.
kaireerocks: For leaving without notice.
hedoesntgetit: For being rude to members in her application comments and asking to be banned, in not so nice words.
winksmilegiggle: For deleting her application then lying about it, deleting comments on her second application and being rude to members.
chelsea: For being rude to members.
imxwithxangels: For deleting her application.
macrabreydecay: For partipating in an activity with being stamped or even applying.

Daily Theme
Monday-Scavenger Hunt
Friday-Random Word
Saturday-Caption Contest
Sunday-Top 5
Monthly Contest
Cyber Shopping
Member of the Month

We are always looking for new members, so it's important that we promote our community whenever possible! Use the buttons and promotion banners found here to promote our community [for points!] or make some more banners or buttons for us [for even more points!]. And if you get someone to join you will receive even more points!

Please keep a member button on your userinfo at all times.

Member Buttons

Please use banners to promote our community elsewhere.

Promo Banners


If you'd like to be our sister please contact one of the mods.

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