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I'm a newbie

The Basics
  • Name:Tierney
  • Age:20
  • Location:Harrisburg PA at home, Mansfield PA at school
  • Relationship Status? Picture?
    In a relationship
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    And so it begins
    The WHO

  • Who is your best friend?
    My best friend is my younger brother. He's one of the coolest kids I know and is always there for me when I need him just like I am for him.

  • Who is your "idol"
    My 'idol' would absolutely be my mother. She is such a strong woman and does more than I think I ever could. She really inspires me to be the best I can be.

  • Who is the most influential person in history?
    I think Hitler was even though he was not a good person. He really influenced a lot of people to do things they didn't want to and brainwashed them as well. He also really opened the world's eyes to what extremists are like.

  • Who gave you your favorite gift that you have ever been given?
    My grandmother's teddy bear! When I was born she got a big white teddy bear from a store that was calle Wannamakers (sp.?) and gave it to my mother for me. I still have that same teddy bear to this day and still sleep with it.

  • Who has changed your life the most (for better or worse)
    I would have to say unfortunately my ex-boyfriend changed me the most and it was for the better. I learned so much from dating him and grew as a person. Because of our relationship I have become a much more patient person, much more understanding, and it is now so much easier for me to feel 'comfortable in my skin.' He really helped me build up my self esteem when I was in a bad point in my life and from him I've learned that I can do anything that I work towards.

  • Who combined with you would create the most beautiful baby? Picture!
    My boyfriend! He's such an amazing and loving person that our baby would be beautiful both inside and out.
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    The WHAT
  • What "beyond the norm" interests do you have?
    Vampires. I know it's strange and seems uncharacteristic but I've always had a fascination with vampires. I love the Anne Rice vampire chronicles and own all of them.

  • What do you wish you had been named?
    I completely love the name I have now but if I had to choose something else I would want it to be just as unique...maybe Zoe or Pandora or something off-the-wall like I have now.

  • What are 5 of the best sounding words to your ear?
    Love, Cookie, Sunshine, Smile (you can't say it without doing it), and Warm.

  • What is your favorite faery tale? Summarize it for us.
    The Little Mermaid. She learns that changing who you are for what you think you want to be has its consequences.

  • What is your favorite childhood memory?
    Being out in the garden with my dad. One of my favorite things to do was pick green beans and carrots or look under rocks for bugs. It was the coolest thing in my mind.

  • What is the worst nightmare you remember?
    Anytime I get a fever I hallucinate and I always have the same hallucination where there is something in my room that just keeps getting bigger and bigger and is crushing me and blocking the door. I also feel paralyzed when this happens. I have had this as a dream before as well when I was much younger.

    The WHEN
  • When was your latest epiphany?
    That sometimes the hardest thing to admit is not only that you're wrong but admitting to yourself that you were wrong.

  • When is your favorite time of day?
    Mid-afternoon around 2/3 o'clock. I like to call this the lazy time of day because all of my classes are in the morning and I do most of my work at night so I use the afternoon to lay around and watch tv or take a nap.

  • When do you feel the most content?
    When I'm with the people I care the most about.

  • When did you last dance around naked?
    I always have music on in my room and looooooove to dance so probably sometime within the last week.

  • When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?
    Last night. And it felt so good! My boyfriend's roommates just crack me up sometimes and last night was one of them.

  • When did you make your "greatest mistake"?
    I don't feel as though I've made it yet and that is scary. I feel as though right now all of the decisions I've made have turned out to not be as bad as they once seem and I've learned from the bad ones in the end. My "greatest mistake" is still coming I think.

    The WHERE
  • Where was your first kiss?
    At a football game my freshman year of highschool.

  • Where do you buy most of your clothes?
    Charlotte Russe and American Eagle.

  • Where do you work?
    The Wireless Authority. When I'm home from college I sell Sprint phones, plans, etc.

  • Where is the most ticklish spot on your body?
    My hips if you get it just right.

  • Where do you think your greatest weakness is?
    I can be too nice sometimes and I have problems saying no. This allows for people to walk all over me without me realizing it. I'm working on that.

  • Where did your worst injury take place?
    So far I luckily have not suffered any serious injuries. I hope every day that I never have to!

    The WHY
  • Why do you exist?
    I exist to make others happy just like everyone else. We all exist to help each other and love one another.

  • Why do you think men have nipples?(Hint:this is an opportunity to be amusing if you should so choose.)
    Hmm. Maybe someday they will develop breasts too and bear children? I'm no scientist ha ha.

  • Why should we have nothing to fear but fear it self? OR SHOUD WE?
    That's real deep! I'm sure there's some sort of psychology behind it involving fear as motivation for all the bad things that people do to another.

  • Why are teenagers prone to depression?
    Because of all the hormonal imbalances and racing hormones. They just don't know what's going on and no one seems to understand them.

  • Why is the death penalty good or bad, discuss.
    I have found myself recently torn on this. I am not a fan of violence or killing but at the same time I feel as though 'an eye for an eye' makes sense as well. I know that if someone I knew was killed I would want their murderer to die for what they did but at the same time isn't that the easy way out? Oh it's so hard!

  • Why should or shouldn't abortion be a viable option for birth control?
    Oh boy. Abortion should be legal and made a choice for each individual woman. I don't think it should be considered a form of birth control in that everytime you accidentally get pregnant it'll be okay just terminate it but I do think that if a woman so chooses she should be allowed to seek an abortion.

    The HOW
  • How do you think some people are able to ignore a sense of compassion/mercy? IE- The Ohio woman microwaving her child to death. The take-over pilots of 9/11. The men who dragged a person to death in Texas because he was black.
    Some people seriously have mental issues. I don't mean that to sound rude or smart or anything like that but there are people in society who have mental problems who have covered them their entire lives. Also, people who are homophobes, racists, etc. are often times products of their environments and have been encouraged to exhibit such behaviors.

  • How do you think the US goverment compares to other governments?
    I think it's pretty great but not perfect. I just don't think we should try to convince others to 'convert' like it's a religion.

  • How do you express yourself?
    I like to draw in my free time, I also like to write about what I'm feeling, hence my livejournal. I also play clarinet and have been since I was 10.

  • How do you think you compare to the majority of people?
    I think I'm just a normal average person :)

  • How do you view death?
    Death is the release of your soul onto it's next destination.

  • How do you want to be viewed in life?
    When I die I want people to look back on me and say 'wow she was really a nice girl.'

    The FACE
    We like to know what you look like as well as who you are. Please post
    1-2 whole body shots
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    I'm on the right
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    Also on the right
    3-5 face shots
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    and one 100x100 picture for the member's page, if accepted.
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    Please promote to 3 different places. If you ignore this, your chances of getting in are severly reduced.
    I'm not in any other communities so I'm not really sure how to do that other than my info. and my myspace. Please accept those

    the. last. chance.
    Let them eat cake.
    What will your last words be?
    Hi. I'm Tierney. That is all.

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