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Mod//New Scavenger Hunt

This weeks scavenger hunt theme will be "Energy Savings."
I figure with the weather change, I'll be cheesy enough to ask you all to try some of these energy saving techniques and photograph them!

Normal Hunt-10 points-find photos online or use your own for an extra +2 per pic
1. A power strip
2. Energy efficient light bulb
3. Speedometer at speed between 45 and 55 mph
4. Public transportation
5. A pedestrian
6. Clothes drying on a line
7. A bicycle
8. A recycling bin
9. Reusable water bottle
10. Reusing a plastic shopping bag (can be as a trash bag or whatever)

Live Hunt-You must be in the photo!-20 points
1. Turning down the thermostat (or up, if you're in the southern hemisphere)
2. Turning a light off when you leave the room
3. Keeping curtains closed to prevent heat/cooling loss
4. Recycling
5. Drinking from a reusable bottle/cup (can be a regular kitchen glass)
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