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I have bumped & cut members that for this month, so check the members pages & make sure you are where you are supposed to be.

I have lots of IMPORTANT INFORMATION for you guys so PLEASE READ IT!!!

I got tired of not having my psp on my computer so I decided to mess around on my laptop [it has photoshop which i hate & never use] and made member's photos so members who were waiting to bump up you finally did! The photos aren't exactly the same, but they're close enough!

Also members who didn't have 100x100 photos I made them. It is a lot of trouble for me to edit photos for everyone so from now on you need to provide your own 100x100 photo or else it will cost you points [it is in the store]. If you don't own a photo editing program that is okay, you don't need one. Use livejournal's icon editor to make your photo 100x100 [just make a userpic] then upload your userpic to photobucket or another host site & provide me with the link. Since I don't like having a bunch of red ex's on the member's page if at the time you get bumped up to silver member you STILL don't have a member's photo I will make you one & automatically charge you for it.

Another new rule I will be adding is about hiatus's. I know everyone has lives outside of livejournal [hopefully, haha] but some member's have abused the hiatus policies. There are member's who have gone on hiatus for 6 months, still not returned, but are active in other places on livejournal. This is not a reason for hiatus, this is a reason to leave the community! Hiatus's are for vacations, busy periods in your life when you don't have time for livejournal, computer problems, no access to a computer, sick, etc. So from now on I am going to be putting a date next to your hiatus button. Either you give me a date when you go on hiatus [with a reason, like "I will be in Europe until September 2nd" or "I'm grounded until August 1st"] or I will automatically give you until the first of the following month. After that I will remove the hiatus bar & you can be cut like any other member.

We have been going back and forth over if we will have awards and how to display them. Finally we have decided...each member will have their own "award & contact page" that you will be responsible for upkeeping. Obviously, if you don't care about awards you don't need to make one. If you do make one you will earn 200 points & I will give all members who continue to keep up their page 25 points at the end of each month...and possibly bonuses for different things...we'll see...

To make a page create a new entry in this community with your username in the subject. PUT THE ENTIRE ENTRY BEHIND A CUT. You can set up your post however you want, but some ideas for items you might want to include are:
+a photo of yourself [can be linked from the member page if you wish]
+some basic info about yourself
+contact info
+what type of LJ friends you want to add you [if any]
+any decorations like blinkies or photos

Obviously, you should display any awards that you have recieved in this community on your page. This would include any banners that are currently on the member's pages or anything you saved from before that used to be on the member's pages.

After you make a page I will begin making you awards for winning contests again, BUT ONLY FOR MEMBERS WHO HAVE MADE A PAGE. If you have a page but I see you are not keeping it up [like you have old awards I have left for you but you haven't displayed them on your page] I will stop making you awards.

I will also start making awards for different things such as "most creative award page" and for hitting milestones like 1000 points or 1 year as a member.

When you recieve awards I will post them as comments on your page & you will be responsible for hosting them yourself and editing your entry & posting them on your page. Once that is done you can delete my comments with the awards.

These pages will also be used as contact pages so members can interact more. We will start having activities that involve talking to other members who have pages after more members have set them up.

I will link your page to your spot on the member's page so it will be easy to find.

Lastly, we have revised the store. We have added more community items, lots of customized graphics and even some items that have cash value!!! So everyone hurry and check it out!! You can find the store here and there's a link on the sidebar.

Remember new members cannot purchase items from the store, but feel free to look!

Sorry for all the typing, but there's lots of new information! I hope I covered it all...please comment with any questions or suggestions...and START POSTING YOUR PAGES!
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